About Sandi Burris


Embracing the powerful and holy anointing of God, Sandi Burris is a radiant example of one full of Holy Ghost and fire.  She lives a life of faith and integrity and is celebrated as a precious gift from God to His people.  A wife and mother of three beautiful daughters, she is also a loving Grandmother Dear to her gorgeous grandchildren.  

Sandi Burris is Holy Spirit led preacher, author, revivalist and conference speaker. She travels extensively delivering the Word of God in her own compelling, yet distinctive way.  Called and uniquely equipped, she delivers hope and healing to this generation. Sandi possesses an unyielding passion for God few people acquire.  Her dedication to prayer and fasting is noteworthy; her ministry vision unmistakable.  Sandi’s insight into God’s Word and her dynamic delivery of the Word whets the spiritual appetite of all who hear her teach and preach.   

Through submission to the Word of God and the selfless price paid at the feet of the Almighty Sandi is fulfilling her appointment by God. Her wisdom and spiritual insight pertaining to the needs of humankind can be attributed to years of faithful service to God and dedication to ministry. She challenges believers to operate in a spirit of excellence and encourages all to give only their very best. Sandi lovingly delivers godly direction to the wandering soul. Freely offering hope and encouragement to the downcast, she inspires vision to those blinded by a real and menacing enemy, the devil. God is using her to advance His kingdom. Sandi Burris wages war against the kingdom of darkness by her lifestyle as well as her application, understanding and revelation of God’s Word.

God has something to say to us.  His voice makes sense, He knows our journey, and He is a trusted friend.  Truly hearing from God, Sandi allows herself to be His mouthpiece to a lost world.  Sandi allows the voice of God to speak through the chapters of her life as well as the pages of her books.  She realizes the need for joy and strength to return to the Body of Christ. It is her desire to see restoration in people’s lives, allowing them to experience happiness and wholeness. Sandi knows this will only happen when we align our lives with the will and Word of God. 

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