Beliefs and Mission

Sandi Burris Ministries mission as a divinely-called and scripturally-ordained ministry is to bring glory and honor to God in everything we do. We endeavor to articulate, demonstrate and operate in the five-fold ministries of the church as outlined in Ephesians 4:11; this for the perfecting of saints, the edifying of the body of Christ and the work of the ministry. We will carry the message of divine healing (Is. 53:4,5 ā€“ Matt. 8:16, 17 ā€“ James 5:14-16) and Salvation (Romans 10:9-10) through the shed Blood of Jesus Christ to every nation on earth. We will proclaim the Gospel of Christ to every creature according to Mark 16:15, and to make known the baptism and power of the Holy Spirit according to Acts 2. According to these Holy Spirit inspired scriptures and many others, we will build up, strengthen and train up disciples all over the world to spread the Gospel to future generations.

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